Important safety Information about Concord Reverso!

Important safety Information about Concord Reverso! 


The Norwegian Forbrukerradet announces today 26/7-2016 that the central adjusting device in the first editions of the Reverso manufactured from February 2015 to December 2015, have problems with the tightening part for the harness.

To check if you have a faulty seat, tighten the harness and pull the shoulderstraps tight upward.  If the harness is extended , it is defective, stop immediately to usin the chair and contact your reseller or Concord.

If the harness is correct contact concord to get a softcover to put over the harneslock,  to prevent future problems.
Link to movie of defective harness

PDF manual, soft cover

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  1. David Wallis says:

    serious safety concerns with the concord reverso, crumbs can get into the lock mechanism stopping the safety lock from working

    Serious design fault

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