Voluntary recall of the BABY-SAFE 5Z / BABY-SAFE 5Z2


“Voluntary recall due to risk of detached handle

Britax Römer has decided to conduct a voluntary recall of all BABY-SAFE 5Z and certain BABY-SAFE 5Z2 produced before October 21st, 2023 (other models are not affected by this recall).

There is a potential safety issue with a gap that can form between the handle and seat-shell of these infant carriers, usually only on one side. The gap does not impact the performance of the car seat in the vehicle or in a crash, however there is a potential safety risk when carrying the infant carrier outside of a vehicle.

In rare cases the handle can detach unexpectedly causing sudden movements of the shell and/or surprise of the person carrying the infant carrier. This may lead to the BABY-SAFE 5Z or BABY-SAFE 5Z2 falling down or colliding with other items and in unfortunate circumstances to an injury of the infant like scratches or bruises.”

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